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…….August 17: Budweiser / AMA Pro Grand National Championship TT

August 24: Rescheduled Stars of Tomorrow event (July 13 Cancellation)
…….September Events: Bruce’s Turkey Run, D17 2-Day Observed Trials

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Peoria Motorcycle Club – 2014 Events
For those eager to pencil in dates on their calendars, here’s a quick look at the basic info you need. For more detail on any event, click on red text in the info below, to jump to the event page. For a complete list of events, go to the When page.

..> August 17
Budweiser / AMA Pro Grand National Championship TT, continuing the legendary event that’s made Peoria Motorcycle Club famous. This is the “Big One” that earned Chris Carr the title, “Prince of Peoria”, with 13 Peoria GNC TT wins. Topping Carr for consecutive wins is Henry Wiles, who just earned his 10th win in a row.

For a complete listing of the results, go to the August 17 Race Results page.

..> August 24
Unfortunately we had to cancel the Stars of Tomorrow & Heroes of Today Pro/Am TT scheduled for July 13, due to heavy rain the night before. The good news is, the Stars of Tomorrow amateur portion of the event is rescheduled for Sunday, August 24. This is one week after the Budweiser / AMA Pro Grand National Championship TT races, on August 17. The track and grounds will still be in great condition for this event. This will also be the final event of the “Stars” Flat Track Series. For more information go to the Stars of Tomorrow event page.

..> September 14
Bruce’s Turkey Run - This ride is PMC’s longest running event. Bruce Walters created this ride, years before the club started hosting.the AMA Grand National TT. This event is part of PMC history, made more famous by the opportunity for a hot turkey dinner after the ride. NEW for 2014, PMC is adding an Adventure Ride routefor exploring the road less traveled. For all those riders with BMW GS models, KTM Adventurers, Triumph Tigers, Suzuki V-Stroms, Ducatti MultiStradas or Yamaha Super Teneres, THIS IS THE RIDE you’ve been waiting for.

..> September 27-28
District 17 Two-Day Observed Trials - This is an interesting event 
that showcases balance, timing and fearlessness as competitors ride over logs, large rocks, steep hillsides and other obstacles. Even though this is an amateur event, some of the riders give it 110% effort in hopes of becoming the next Pat or Phil Smage.


Contact Information
Peoria Motorcycle Club
605 South Cameron Lane
Bartonville, IL   61607
Phone:  (309) 697-4981

Club Email:

To make comments, recommendations or requests about the website, please send email to

Our Mission
Peoria Motorcycle Club promotes and supports the sport of flat track motorcycle racing. We have a strong legacy as many of the top racers in this sport have graced the Peoria TT track on their way to becoming world champions. PMC is committed to continuing that tradition by ensuring today’s young professional racers that they too can become part of the legacy for future generations. As an AMA chartered club, Peoria Motorcycle Club supports motorcyclist rights and advocates many forms of motorcycle riding and racing. PMC is a family oriented club, involving men, women and children alike.

Getting Around our Website
If you’ve ever considered being a reporter, or dreamed of solving mysteries as a private investigator, you know about the classic “Who, What, Where, When, Why and How”. This website uses that classic approach to lay out some basic information.

We didn’t dedicate a separate page to “Why”. We really don’t need to – it should be obvious. We’re here because we love motorcycles and motorcycling… the machine, the history, the lifestyle, the sport, the freedom, the thrill… you probably have your own reasons for being a motorcycle enthusiast.

Who are we?  This section talks about the people who make up the Peoria Motorcycle Club, from its early beginning in the 1930s, to who we are now.

What do we do?  These pages describe the type of activities and events the Peoria Motorcycle Club hosts annually.

Where are we located?  With the help of Google Maps, this page will help you find us. The map is very interactive and you can get directions from your driveway to ours.

When do our events happen?  Our Event Organizer provides a calendar with event dates highlighted in red. Flip through the calendar and click on an event date. Or, choose from a list of scheduled events for all the details.

How do we make this website easy to use?  This page gives a quick review of all the navigation functions, to help make better use of your time.

Event Sponsors
The following businesses and companies help to financially support TT racing events at Peoria Race Park. Through their generous donations, Peoria Motorcycle Club continues to promote and support the sport of flat track motorcycle racing. All trademarks are the property of the business or company identified by them.
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Sanctioning Bodies
All competitive events hosted by the Peoria Motorcycle Club are governed by a sanctioning body that provides the rules, officiating personnel, scoring and points/record keeping. The American Motorcyclist Association, and AMA Pro Racing, are the leading organizations in the motorcycling industry, having impact on rights, riding and racing.
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………..D17 Logo……….AMA Amateur

Partnering Clubs and Organizations
We’re proud to work in cooperation with these Central Illinois motorcycle clubs, to promote and hose the Stars of Tomorrow Flat Track Series. It’s nice to know we have each other’s back, while we strive to Support the Sport.
Pekin MC     Galesburg Shield
Greater Peoria Honor Flight

Working Partners
The club can’t run events as large as our TT races without a lot of help. The following local businesses provide valuable services, which we need in order to meet the expectations of our fans, the racers and the people working these events.
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