April 25, 2013

October 1-2, 2011

NITRO / D17 Two-Day Observed Trials

This event provided a good opportunity for competitors, who may have been in a close battle within their division, to make a difference in their point standings. Saturday paid normal points, but Sunday was a Double Points event. This was the final D17 / NITRO event of the season, so some of the riders had to really “go for it” for those precious few points. Below are the final results for this event.


Peoria Day 1
28 Riders
 Peoria Day 2
36 Riders
Dave Rohrschnieder26Dave Rohrschnieder23
Dan Loer67Alain Vandewalle60
Dan Loer61
Dan Schaidle57Sportsman
Eric Miller67Dan Schaidle30
Frank Totten76Ralph Littlefield40
Charlie Shanks88Tom Bledsoe58
Tony Meo100Eric Cunningham73
Charlie Shanks86
AdvancedEric MillerDNF
Kelly Dimond37
Jeff Franklin58Advanced
Kelly Dimond34
Mike Brent39
Luke Littlefield23Jeff Franklin47
James Abernathie 26Tony Meo65
Ryan Rohrschnieder 38
Jake Wroblewski 74Intermediate
Dan Sergison 77Luke Littlefield14
Steve Reed DNFRyan Rohrschnieder 15
James Abernathie 31
VintageJake Wroblewski 40
Brian Runyard2Dan Sergison 61
Tony Glueck41
Tom Gillesie63Vintage
Rick Shaw71Brian Runyard5
Dale Prouty113Tony Glueck31
Tom Gillesie60
NoviceDale Prouty102
Tito Nappi1
Brandon Prouty2Novice
* Ride-Off for 1st
Chris Key4Ron Rivenburgh4
Brandon Prouty4
WomenChris Key6
Patti Meo41Tito Nappi13
Roy Clugg15
Dan Schaidle7Women
Kailey Rivenburg5
YouthDebbie Lashbrook27
Jacob Loer10Patti Meo30
Elliot Key11
Mitchell Littlefield17Senior
Jim Schaidle1
Elliot Key4
Jacob Loer6
Mitchell Littlefield31