April 24, 2013

Past Champions

AMA Grand National Championship TT Winners

Peoria Motorcycle Club is home to the longest running event in the AMA Flat Track series. The championship event dates back to 1947, and many famous racers have graced the podium since then. Taking the top step is a real honor, since it is not easily earned.

Racers who have multiple wins at PMC, have done so by developing a “relationship” with the track. They have a feel for Illinois clay and how it holds moisture or develops a blue groove depending on the weather. They understand the unique differences between corners 1-2 and 3-4. They know where to launch from the jump, and where to land as they set up for the dog leg. They also know what fans want to see and how to deliver that level of performance.

Here are the legendary riders, who have taken the checkered flag at an AMA Grand National Championship TT at PMC Race Park.

Name Year     Name Year
Lowell Rettinger 1947 Eddie Mulder 1965-66
Herman Dahlke 1947 Jim Rice 1970
Bill Miller 1948-49, 1952 Mert Lawwill 1973
Bill Douglas 1948 Kenny Roberts 1974
Roger Soderstrom 1949-50, 1952-53 Sonny Burres 1975
Jim Phillips 1951 Steve Eklund 1976
Joe Leonard 1953-56, 1960-61 Chuck Joyner 1978
Ed Kretz 1955 Jay Springsteen 1979, 83
Brad Andres 1956 Scott Pearson 1980-81
Al Gunter 1957 Randy Goss 1982
George Everett 1957-58 Ricky Graham 1984-85
Dick Dorresteyn 1958 Bubba Shobert 1987
Dick Mann 1959, 64, 67, 69, 72 Andy Tresser 1996
Duane Buchanan 1959 Joe Kopp 1997
Bart Markel 1960-63, 65, 68 Chris Carr 1986, 88-95, 98-01
Dick Hammer 1962 Nicky Hayden 2002
Sid Payne 1963 J.R. Schnabel 2003
Ronnie Rall 1964 Henry Wiles 2004-06, 2008-16

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