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IDNR Considering Off-Road Riding Parks in Illinois
The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is researching the possibility of building three off-road vehicle riding parks in the state of Illinois. The first park they are considering would be near Mt. Sterling, Illinois. Known as the Siloam Springs Buckhorn Unit, it is currently a 1,800 acre state-owned piece of property that is lightly used for public hunting.

The IDNR will hold a meeting on Friday, February 27, 2015 to discuss moving forward with this project. There is a certain amount of opposition from hunting groups, and environmental groups similar to the Sierra Clubs have already been lobbying the IDNR against this park. As off-road riders we must be organized and band together to rally for these parks, right now while the state is showing interest in building them. The money to build them would come from the new Illinois OHV sticker fee and from federal trail funds that have been accumulating for years.

Please contact the IDNR offices listed below by Thursday, February 26 to tell them that you are in favor of the state building OHV riding parks. Some quick and easy things to point out include:

  • These parks provide an in-state option for Illinois off-road riders, who often travel to Missouri, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan to enjoy similar facilities.
  • Associated with that is tourism money spent in Illinois, on food, fuel and lodging.
  • With facilities already available for hunting, fishing, boating, camping and hiking, these parks would round out the options for more outdoors recreation in Illinois.
  • Allowing off-road riders to share the Siloam Springs Buckhorn Unit with hunters – seasonal needs considered – the utilization and revenue potential of the property could be maximized.
  • Well-groomed trails would benefit hunters, who may also use ATVs to reach hunting spots, or to facilitate emergency services in the event of a hunting accident.

You do not need to make each and every point when you speak to them. Only discuss what you feel comfortable supporting. Most importantly, be polite and keep it simple. Their time is valuable and their decision affects our future.

…….Wayne Rosenthal, IDNR Director, 217-785-0075

…….Amy Madigan, IDNR Trails Coordinator, 217-557-4173

Stay informed about the progress and show your support on social media, by visiting these Facebook pages.
…….Illinois Off-Road Park
…….Buckhorn ATV Park Support Group

Spring Ride / Poker Run is scheduled for Sunday, May 17, 2015. We will offer two routes for this event, just as we did for the 2014 Bruce’s Turkey Run. Choose between a leisurely all-asphalt road ride, and a more challenging Adventure Ride including gravel roads and dirt lanes. GPS data will be available for download to your device.

Stars of Tomorrow Flat Track Series TT is scheduled for Sunday, July 19, 2015. This is PMC’s scheduled round in the 9-race series. This Pro-Am event features a full schedule of District 17 Amateur classes PLUS the two Pro classes race fans normally see on our famous 5/8th mile TT track. Come out and support all up-and-coming amateur racers.

AMA Grand National Championship TT is scheduled for Sunday, August 16, 2015. This is the event that PMC is known for… a real fan favorite. Watch all the top-ranked professionals – the best in the sport – race their hearts out to break Henry Wile’s record-setting streak of ten consecutive wins. You won’t want to miss it.

Bruce’s Turkey Run – Ride and Dinner, is scheduled for Saturday and/or Sunday, September 12 and/or 13, 2015. As you can tell by the dates we are considering a Saturday ride in place of, or in addition to, the Sunday ride. We plan to offer two routes as we did in 2014 – an all-asphalt road ride, and a more challenging Adventure Ride including gravel roads, tractor lanes and maybe a water crossing!

AMA District 17 Two-Day Observed Trials is scheduled for the weekend of September 19 and 20. This is fun to watch, as riders test their skills, balance and timing. Unlike many forms of motorcycle competition, spectators can get very close to the action for a greater appreciation of the sport.

Visit our Club Events page for links to detailed event pages.
Stars of Tomorrow Flat Track Series is back for 2015, following the success of this exciting new amateur series last year. The racers loved it. The fans loved it. And the clubs were excited to help promote the series. Stay tuned for a dedicated page listing the 2015 schedule with dates and location of the nine events.

All of the scheduled events for 2014 are complete. Mother nature tossed us a couple of curve balls our way year, in the form of heavy rains. PMC had to cancel the Stars of Tomorrow & Heroes of Today TT races schedule for Sunday, July 13, due to heavy rains just days before the event. This was very disappointing on a number of levels. One, this event was PMC’s schedule stop in the Stars of Tomorrow Flat Track Series, a new program focused on District 17 Amateur Flat Track racing. Our July event was also a tribute to war veterans; our Heroes of Today. To make matters worse, the rescheduled date of Sunday, August 24, was also rained out due to a really gully washer on Saturday, August 23.

The Budweiser / AMA Pro Grand National Championship TT race on August was a success. Attendance was good despite a cloudy sky in the morning. Race fans who came to the event, saw some very good racing action in both Pro Singles and Expert Singles. The big news of the day was Henry Wiles winning the Expert Singles main event, making that his tenth consecutive GNC TT win at the PMC Race Park.

Our two road ride / poker runs were successful as well. The legendary Bruce’s Turkey Run held on Sunday, September 14, offered something new this year. Actually, it was something old… an Adventure Touring route that took riders down some rugged gravel roads. This was a huge throwback, since the original Turkey Runs hosted by Bruce Walters and PMC, was an On/Off Road ride, with riders slogging through creeks and navigating dirt roads.

The District 17 Two-Day Observed Trials was also a hit, with many new sections for riders to test their balance, agility, timing and judgment.  Great weather made the conditions ideal for negotiating logs, rocks, off-camber hillsides and chunks of concrete slabs. What a way to wrap up the year.

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Our Mission
Peoria Motorcycle Club promotes and supports the sport of flat track motorcycle racing. We have a strong legacy as many of the top racers in this sport have graced the Peoria TT track on their way to becoming world champions. PMC is committed to continuing that tradition by ensuring today’s young professional racers that they too can become part of the legacy for future generations. As an AMA chartered club, Peoria Motorcycle Club supports motorcyclist rights and advocates many forms of motorcycle riding and racing. PMC is a family oriented club, involving men, women and children alike.

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Event Sponsors
The following businesses and companies help to financially support TT racing events at Peoria Race Park. Through their generous donations, Peoria Motorcycle Club continues to promote and support the sport of flat track motorcycle racing. All trademarks are the property of the business or company identified by them.
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Sanctioning Bodies
All competitive events hosted by the Peoria Motorcycle Club are governed by a sanctioning body that provides the rules, officiating personnel, scoring and points/record keeping. The American Motorcyclist Association, and AMA Pro Racing, are the leading organizations in the motorcycling industry, having impact on rights, riding and racing.
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Partnering Clubs and Organizations
We’re proud to work in cooperation with these Central Illinois motorcycle clubs, to promote and hose the Stars of Tomorrow Flat Track Series. It’s nice to know we have each other’s back, while we strive to Support the Sport.
Pekin MC     Galesburg Shield
Greater Peoria Honor Flight

Working Partners
The club can’t run events as large as our TT races without a lot of help. The following local businesses provide valuable services, which we need in order to meet the expectations of our fans, the racers and the people working these events.
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