August 7, 2013


If you are a new internet user and don’t have much experience moving around a website, this section provides some pointers on how to navigate our pages. Even if you are a frequent internet user, there may be some helpful suggestions for you here.

Moving Around the Website

  • Navigation in two places – a ‘menu bar’ is located near the top of each page just under the header photo. There is also a ‘menu list’ in the right-hand margin of most pages.
  • Drop-Down Menus with “Hover-to-Open” – move your cursor over each item in the menu bar and menu list, to see which ones pop up a drop-down menu with more page options.
  • “On this page . . .” – a ‘Table of Contents’ that appears near the top of certain pages containing a lot of information. Each item in the list is a hot-link to that subject, found further down the page. This feature is especially useful when referring back to a page. Rather than scroll down through every line, just click on the content item you’re interest in, and jump directly to it.
  • Embedded Hot-Links – there are hot-links included throughout the text on most of the site’s page. Place your cursor on any red text that you see. If a line appears under that text, it’s a hot-link to another page. If the link takes you to a page outside the PMC website, it will open in a new browser window.
  • Search Field – enter key words that you’re looking for, in the box in the upper-right corner of each page.

New Convenience Features

  • Google Maps provide maps and directions – the Where, When and Ticket Booth pages offer interactive maps with zoom, scroll, satellite view and directions.
  • 5-Day Weather Forecast – check the extended forecast or go out to a satellite view of the current conditions for our area, on the When page.
  • Online Ticket Sales – you can save time and gas money by ordering your tickets online with your PayPal account, on the Ticket Booth page.

Links to the World

  • Web Links – For those who want to learn everything about motorcycling, we have a great place to start. Find information about Flat Track Racing and sanctioning bodies; riding schools and technical training; online forums for every type of motorcycle, riding style and racing format. We have links to the major motorcycle brands and a special group of links to help you find unique Man Cave items.
  • Social Media – If you are new to social networking don’t worry, we can guide you with Links to web pages that help explain what it is. Some of the Links list the top social media applications, with recommendations for what may fit your needs best.
  • Facebook – Followers know how much fun it is to keep up with Friends, or follow the latest news from the companies and organizations you Like. You can even connect with Peoria Motorcycle Club on Facebook. While you are there, take a second and click on the “Like” icon. This will keep you up to date when we post new items on our wall.
  •  FAQ page – Inquiring minds want to know, and they won’t stop until they find what they’re looking for. We have answers to some common, and some not-so-common questions about the club and our events.