January 5, 2017


When a club can rightfully lay claim to hosting the Longest Consecutive Running Dirt Track Race in the World, you better believe they have a lot of history to share. And what better way to do that than with photography. PMC has albums, file folders and shoe boxes filled with thousands of photographs. Some have been scanned and saved as electronic files, which we can share online. Unfortunately, there are just too many to archive for easy public access. Within the last several years, with the advent of digital cameras, photos have become much easier to share. And that, is why the archive begins where it does.

PMC utilizes PhotoBucket.com for archiving images and to offer public access. You are free to click the links below to view images we have posted. These images belong to PMC, in agreement with the photographers who provide them, with the understanding that PMC uses them for historical purposes and for promotional use under PMC direction. These images must not be copied or downloaded without explicit permission from PMC for any personal or commercial use. Professional media developers, creative agencies and press personnel, who require images from our events, may contact the club by clicking this link.

*Above image courtesy of our friend at Dirtbauer Motorsport Photography.

Misc History

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2015 – August

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2016 – August
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