April 17, 2013

Social Media

Facebook. Twitter. Yelp.  Social Media is becoming the leading way to communicate. It’s quick. It’s immediate. It’s portable. It’s fun. And most importantly, it’s truly “social”. Laptop, tablet and smartphone screens are glowing with short messages sent from one friend to another. Texting, blogging and photo sharing are the new “word of mouth”.

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..Getting Started with Social Media
..Find PMC on Facebook and Instagram
..Flat Track Racing on Facebook
..Pro Racers on Facebook
..More Motorcycle Related Facebook Pages

Getting Started with Social Media
NetworkingIf you haven’t you haven’t already made the leap into social media, we want to help by sharing some information about it. The links below explain what social media is, and how to get the most out of social networking. These links will help you find the networking site that offers the best fit for your purpose.

..About.com – Take a Tour of Social Networking Sites
..SocialBakers – The 20 Most Interesting Social Networks

..socialmedia today – 40 Most Popular Social Networks Sites
..TopTenReviews – 2013’s Best Social Networking Sites
..Ultra Tech Talk – Pros and Cons of Social Networking Sites

Of the many social networking sites available, Peoria Motorcycle Club has found a home on Facebook. The audience is right, it’s easy to use and the time commitment  to manage content is reasonable. As we become more comfortable with Facebook, we’ll expand into other social media if it fills a need.

So, are you ready to jump into social networking and see what all the buzz is about?    If you are, go to the PMC Facebook Page to sign up for the largest social network on the web! We look forward to seeing you.

Find PMC on Facebook and Instagram

f_logoPlease visit the Peoria Motorcycle Club Facebook page. Be sure to click on the ‘Like’ icon, to receive news feeds when we post to our Timeline or add new photos to our albums.

Instagram LogoYou can also find us on the Peoria Motorcycle Club Instagram page. Br sure to click on the Follow icon, to see new additions to the collection.

Flat Track Racing on Facebook..
..AMA Pro Flat Track
..Fight for Dirt Track
..Flat Track Dirt
..Flat Track Live
..Flat Trackers
..Flat Tracking in the 70s and 80s
..Greg’s Garage
..IMDA Springfield Mile
..Joe Kopp – The Secrets of Speed
..Mason Dixon Dirt Trackers
..Moto Racing on SPEED
..Next Moto Champion
..Old Pro Flattrack Racers
..Ride Academy
..Semdtra Flattrackers
..TheFast AndDirty
..Two Wheels Only
..VDTRA Flatrack

..Westcoast Hotshoes

Pro Racers on Facebook
. . . Facebook Pages For Fans

..Brad Baker
..Briar Bauman
..JD Beach
..Stevie Bonsey
..Dan Bromley
..Adam Bushman
..William Cato
..Nichole Cheza
..Kenny Coolbeth
..Tim Eades

..Dan Gedeon
..Luke Gough
..Jason Griffin
..Jethro Halbert
..Sam Halbert
..Justin Hittle
..Doug Lawrence
..Johnny Lewis
..Mike Martin
..Levi Mayer
..Willie McCoy
..Jared Mees
..Robbie Pearson
..James Rispoli
..Brandon Lee Robinson
..Merle Wayne Scherb
..Brock Schwarzenbacher
..Bryan Smith
..Molly Terry
..Cory Texter
..Shayna Texter
.Matthew Weidman
..Henry Wiles
..Jimmy Wood

More Motorcycle Related Facebook Pages
..Arai Helmets
..Bell Helmets
..Bikers of Peoria Illinois
..Cycle News
..Cycle World Magazine
..Defy All Odds Apparel

..DG’s Vintage Motocross Garage
..EVS Sports
..FMF Racing
..Legends of Motorcycle Racing
..Metro Racing
..Motion Pro
..Troy Lee Designs

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