April 25, 2013

September 11, 2011

AHRMA Vintage Dirt Track TT,  and
Open-Singles Amateur TT

This event has become a tradition at PMC. It honors the racers and the machinery that have graced the historic PMC TT track over the years. It pays respect to a level of competition that once defined the top level of AMA Pro dirt track racing. It also showcases the evolution of design and technology seen in this sport. 

The program featured 12 divisions of vintage bikes, which race under AHRMA rules. This event also provides an opportunity for Amateur dirt track racers – on modern bikes – to try their hand at conquering the legendary TT track at PMC Race Park.

1. George Will,  Manhattan, IL
2. Beno Rodi,  Winder, GA

Classic 250
1. Ron Kalanquin,  Lapeer, MI

Classic 500-750
1. Dan Beher,  Elwood, IN
2. George Will, Manhatan, IL
3. Beno Rodi, Winder, GA
4. Richard Lee, Canton, IL

Sportsman 250
1. Peter Desantis,  Solvay, NY
2. Bud Bioeschke,  Alpena, AR
3. Gary Brennan,  Decatur, IL

Sportsman 600
1. Jerry Cheney,  Bloomfield, IA
 2. David Aldana,  Fayetteville, GA
 3. John Lambrick,  Decatur, IL 

Sportsman 750
1. Johnny Isaacs,  Bristow, OK
2. Ron Adams,  Ames, IA70’s 2-stroke
1. Pat Mc Dermott,  Joliet, IL

70’s Singles
1. Tom Fisher,  Elmwood, IL
2. David Aldana,  Fayetteville, GA
3. John Anderson,  Dawson, IL

70’s Singles – 50+
1. Jerry Cheney,  Bloomfield, IA
2. David Aldana,  Fayetteville, GA
3. Johnny Isaacs,  Bristow, OK
4. Tom Fisher,  Elmwood, IL

Super Singles
1. Ron Adams,  Ames, IA

Senior – 50+
1. Jerry Cheney,  Bloomfield, IA
2. John Lambrick,  Decatur, IL
3. Bud Bioeshke,  Alpena, AR

Super Senior – 60+
1. William Collins,  Melbourne, FL
2. Eric Berg,  Camillus, NY
3. Gary Brennan,  Decatur, IL
4. Beno Rodi,  Winder, GA

Open Amateur
1. Rick Ivey,  Peoria, IL
2. Tyler Porter, Paducah, KY
3. Alex Felland,  Danville, IA
4. Chas Rice,  Laura, IL
5. Greg Donley,  Abingdon, IL
6. Daniel Oehler,  Danvers, IL
7. Bobbie Gillespie
8. John Anderson,  Dawson, IL
9. Chad Morris,  Eureka, IL
10. Andrew Hobson,  Marlette, MI