February 17, 2015

American Flat Track National TT

Saturday, August 18, 2018

This event is the foundation of our legacy, going all the way back to 1947. Many of the best motorcycle racers in the world have graced our track and grounds, on their way to being crowned Grand National Champion. And as much as we honor our heritage and talk about club history, we can’t live in the past. We’re also looking toward the future and taking steps to shape tomorrow’s history, today.

Family Tradition / Family Value
A lot of the folks who come through our gates are second and third generation Peoria TT race fans. We often talk to adults who tell us they were at our track a lot while growing up, because their dad or uncle raced here back in the day. Experiencing a Peoria TT race with your kids (or nephew or niece) is a great way for them to connect with local history, while building memories for them to carry forward.

Peoria Motorcycle Club urges you to bring your family to our events. We work hard to make our facilities and program welcoming. Some of the things you’ll find:
> Youth-friendly admission fees.
> Easier-to-purchase Advance Sale tickets – available HERE…online.
> Soap & Water Hand Washing Station in the infield.
> Shaved Ice, Lemonade Shake-Ups, Cotton Candy


No FirearmsPROHIBITED AREA: In compliance with the State of Illinois Concealed Carry Law, sporting venues such as PMC Race Park, are a prohibited area. NO Concealed Carry Firearms are permitted for those attending this event.

Admission Fees

> Advance Adult Tickets $25 or Race Day Tickets $30
Go to the Ticket Booth page for info about Advance Sale Tickets.
Learn where to buy them locally, or how to order them online.
> Children 12 & Under with a Parent, admitted FREE
> Ticket Sale at the Gate on Race Day are CASH ONLY! – We do not take credit cards. If you need an ATM before arriving, click here to see the closest locations.

Special VIP Access Tickets
PMC has a special VIP facility, which has always been reserved for our sponsors and a limited number of their guests. After seeing other sports facilities and places such as concert venues offer VIP Access as a Premium ticket upgrade, PMC is now offering that same service. Fans have asked for it and now we’re delivering.

VIP ticket holders have access to an air-conditioned building that has a great view of the whole track. You can also sit outside and enjoy the sights and sounds. Or, feel free to come and go as you wish. Food, beer and soft drinks are included as well as FREE souvenir swag. VIP guests also get to park inside the gate near the building. Tickets are $125 and there is a limited number available. You may order tickets from our Ticket Booth page.

Schedule of Events
> 7:00 am…..Racer Registration / Pitting Begins
> 8:00 am…..Gates Open to the Public
> 10:45 am…..Practice Sessions
> 1:30 pm…..Opening Ceremony

> 2:00 pm…..Heat Races Begin
> Intermission (length based on the needs of the officials)
> Main Events.….We will broadcast over the PA before the first main event begins, so spectators can return to their favorite viewing spot.

Open Pits & Autographs, Photos and Video
The pit area is open for a while prior to the races beginning, allowing fans to take a closer look at all the high-performance machines and to say hello to (or have your photo taken with) your favorite racer.
> Some race teams may have merchandise for sale, and you can have it autographed right on the spot. Or bring your own shirt, poster or autograph book, and ask your favorite stars to sign it.
> Unlike many entertainment venues, you are welcome to bring your video or still camera, smartphone camera or iPad camera. Capture all the shots you want to show friends and family (who weren’t fortunate enough to be there in person) or to build your own memories.

Concession & Beverage Stands
> PMC has several concessions stands throughout the park, serving our world-famous PMC Burgers (made with secret ingredients), butterfly pork chops, hot dogs, chips, nachos, candy and soft drinks. Our prices are very reasonable – far better than most entertainment and sporting venues… anywhere!
> The Bartonville Lions Club sells ice-cold Miller Lite and Budweiser products. You must have proper ID to prove your age.  THERE IS NO Outside Alcohol Allowed Inside the Gates, beyond the parking lots. If you bring in your vehicle – leave it your vehicle. We perform cooler checks!

Souvenirs, Novelties and Displays
> In addition to the PMC concession stand, you will find several specialty-food vendors in the infield, selling items such as nuts, popcorn and sno-cones.
> We normally have two T-Shirt vendors – one selling shirts with American Flat Track graphics, and one selling Peoria TT shirts – silk-screened on the spot, featuring that day’s event.
> Although it varies from year to year, we often have vendors selling items such as hats, sunglasses, glow-sticks, etc.
> A.B.A.T.E. always has a display for their Fallen Rider Fund. We have also allowed charitable organizations such as veteran’s groups to display their information.
..Notice: If you are interested in having a Vendor Booth at one of our events, please
..contact us via the phone or email addresses listed on the Home page.

Handicap Parking & Mobility Assistance
> Those with handicap license plates or other permits for disabled parking, may park inside the second gate at the top of the hill overlooking the track. We have a canopy-covered concrete pad to offer a flat and stable place for wheelchairs and folding chairs.
> To access VIP parking, enter the grounds through the North Gate. Look for signs that identify VIP, Press and Handicap Parking. Please DO NOT enter the South Parking Lot near the clubhouse. You will have to turn around, and exiting will not be easy.
> We will have a golf cart at both gates to help the elderly and disabled make it up and down the hill. Let us know if you need assistance.

VIP and Press
> If you have a Voucher for VIP Access, enter the grounds through the North Gate. Stop at the table along the roadway near the ticket booth to exchange your voucher for a Wrist Band. A wristband is required for access to the VIP Building.
> Having a VIP wristband allows you to park your vehicle inside the gate, at the VIP Building. Everyone in the vehicle must have their own wristband or a ticket. Everyone must be accounted for.
> If you have a VIP Parking pass, you may park your vehicle inside the gate, near the VIP Building. This is for Parking Only. It does not provide access to the VIP Building.
> ALL known Press Professionals will be contacted before the event with special instructions.

Use the map on this page for a bird’s-eye view of where we’re located. Or, navigate to the page titled Where, for a larger map and a way to get driving directions.

Peoria Area Dining and Lodging
Peoria offers a good variety of restaurant options ranging from fast food to family-friendly to elegant dining. Overnight and extended stay visitors also have a wide selection of hotels, motels and inns from which to choose. Check out the Peoria Area Convention and Visitor Bureau website for a complete list of options. While you’re on their site, you can also see what else is going on in the area that weekend.

Camp Ground Information
PMC Race Park is not set up for overnight camping, but there are two local campgrounds that are capable of serving your needs if traveling by motorhome, pulling a trailer or have any other means to camp overnight. We recommend one of these two locations:
> Spindler Marina, East Peoria, IL
> Leisure Oaks Park, Bartonville, IL

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