March 7, 2013


The Peoria Motorcycle Club facility, better known as PMC Race Park, is located on the west edge of Peoria, at 605 South Cameron Lane, Bartonville, IL. Directions from I-474, US Rt 24 and IL Rt 116, are easy to follow. Use Google Maps (below), to find directions from where ever you are, to PMC Race Park.

How to Use the Google Maps Tool
In the lower right corner of the frame are two Zoom buttons – a Plus and a Minus – that allow you to include more or less area in the frame. You can also zoom and pan using your mouse. When you hover the cursor over the map, the arrow changes to a hand symbol. Hold the left mouse button down and move the map around inside the frame.

> Directly above the Zoom arrows is a Person symbol. Place your cursor on the symbol, press and hold the Left mouse button and drag the cursor to a place on the map you want to see. A circle will appear as the cursor, so you can place it directly where you want on the map. Release the button and you will see a photo image of the location. Within the frame you have Zoom and Rotate controls to change the view from that location. VERY COOL!

> In the upper left-hand corner of the frame you can select to view a the map as a Map or as a Satellite image, which shows geographic features of the area.

Once you use the map tool, it becomes very easy to change your reference point, to see everything as part of a bigger picture. Have Fun!

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